Wednesday, December 28, 2011

0 I love Air Buccaneers!

It's probably one of the most weird but fun mods i have ever played. It involves getting an ancient gun, get into an air balloon and shoot the other guys. It's not like a blimp or any such, you are at the mercy of the wind and really act like its a real hot air balloon. Frustating but so much fun.

As this holiday season approaches its inevitable highlight and the distinct laughter of a certain fat man in his red overalls echoes in the distance, we here at LudoCraft decided it was time to give our little present to all the gamers around the world. So here it is:

Yes, AirBuccaneers HD has now reached the Pre-Alpha phase and is available for playing.  It is still work in progress, though, and all your feedback is highly valuable for us. There are still graphics, sounds, features and effects missing, but we hope that it quenches your thirst for buccaneering and plundering for now. 

You can download it from the official site. 

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