Monday, March 12, 2012

2 Enjoy this Cryengine 3 Visual Trailer

I'll just leave this here for you to drool on. As we speak i'm taking my laptop to a more private area so i can be alone with it for the time being.

1 New Planetside 2 screenshots

So yeah, i haven't bothered you much in the last 2 months. But in that time, and before, i'm getting more and more excited about Planetside 2. From time to time i'm still playing the first part which was released in 2003. Lately it was because of the Sony hack which gave me 30 days gametime for every Sony Station game. Unfortunately those were only 2 games, Vanguard and Planetside. But none of the less it gave me some fun game-time.

At the GDC (Game Developers Conference) Sony was kind enough to release some screenshots. They made my day. Enjoy these screenshots.

0 MMORPG Aion is now free-to-play

Okay its been a while back but i wanted to say that another mmo has opened its doors to the F2P world. The originally subscription based mmo didn't do well so NCsoft did the best thing and made it free.

At the moment only the EU version is free-to-play. North-America is still paying for the game, but rumors say that this version will get it's transition to free soon.

The originally German publisher Gameforge will have the task of maintaining the servers. They chose to do it for free because the member count dropped so much it wasn't really bringing anything in. Instead of dropping the whole EU version they did the good thing and made it playable for everyone.

Gameforge and developer NCsoft promise that the new business model will still be supported with patches and new content for the game.

To learn more how to play Aion f2p go to the Gameforge FAQ.

I already played this game when it got released. People who got a subscription somewhere in history will get Veteran status. Other people just get Starters status. For the full features list go here.

0 Utility Vehicle Simulator has almost arrived!

Forget Portal 2 or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. What do you mean Call of Duty? Battlefield 3 you say? I never knew there where 2 other versions.

The game that will blow away our minds has arrived. Well almost. This Friday you can finally spend your weekend with doing something good. Instead of playing those brain-dead shooters you can actually learn something from this game. The plus side of it is that you can already learn your future job.

Yes it's called Utility Vehicle Simulator. You know those games. Harvester Simulator, Police Simulator, Stone Quarry Simulator, Underground Mining Simulator, Construction Simulator, Airport Firefighter Simulator, Ski Region Simulator, Oil Platform- okay i give up. There isn't a week where no simulator game is being released and its getting ridiculous.

But if you do like driving packages to their destination, or suck the sewers clean, or want to know how it is to work for the local town setting up cones or cutting branches from trees, this is your chance. Get it the 23rd of March.

This is their site.  *shrug*

0 Cities In Motion for free.

Whats the catch you ask? Complete a survey made by some students and afterwards Paradox Interactive will give you a free copy of Cities in Motion.

The survey ends on March 31 and the keys will be send by Paradox Interactive a few weeks after, but in my opinion its worth it. It will take about 15 to 20 minutes of thinking and answering.

To be honest i never played this game. But until we wait for the next Sim City to arrive this is in my opinion a nice way to kill that waiting time.

Survey is this way.

0 Whoa. Inactivity here.

So you create a blog with gaming news, get connected to some people and all of a sudden stop with it. Yep, that's what happened. From having time almost every day my life completely turned around and now working 50 to 60 hours a week. It's fun but hard, and thanks to that i did have to give up on this blog a while. Shame, since i had people returning all the time.

My play is to keep this blog going with news, although i won't be bringing it every day. This was a fun side project and certainly going to keep it.

Godspeed, and please enjoy the things i write.

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