Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2 Portal 2

Now you're thinking with portals. As you've been reading the title probably thinking 'nah more lag then portals', thats is absolutely right.

Steam is having its yearly winter sale, and finally the game had a sweet price reduction so i finally bought it.

So far the last 3 days have been amazing.  Didn't have much time before, but now i have it my god i love gaming again. Takes up time having a gf and a life..

Anyway, without crying, today i finally managed to get to the end. I was expecting more or less a similar experience as the first sequal. Little did i know it was this big! What an experience, i'm still flabbergasted by it. I loved how GlaDOS takes you back into an old journey testing rooms, then having someone helping you, and suddenly everything is upside down and you are helping her instead of fighting (Oh yeah, spoilers).

Shame this is end. Probably not for Portal, but for the test subject. Now, speechless, left into the wild with her companion cube.


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