Monday, January 2, 2012

9 Sequal to Minicraft called MiniTale

He doesn't really need explanation, Markus Persson aka 'Notch'. Aka the creator of Minecraft. Wich doesn't need introduction either to be honest.

Notch recently gave away his position as lead designer for Minecraft, so he could concentrate on other projects and create new concepts. But first of all he was planning to get a break from it all.

A couple of weeks ago there was a game competition called Ludum Dare. The 'dare' is to create a (free) game within 48 hours. Notch was exited about the competition and long before he did announcements. The game he created was called MiniCraft. It's basically a little Minecraft from a 2D topview and again very addicting. But it was made in a competition, within a deadline, so basically its not allowed to alter any code after.

So the solution? Create another game! See it as a sequel, and better work hours instead of a 48 hour deadline. He's going to call it MiniTale and once he got more info i'll post it asap.

Link to MiniCraft:

9 reacties:

  1. I was just looking for something like this, now that i can't play minecraft anymore!

    Thanks man!

  2. Nice, this looks like an interesting little time killer!

  3. Nice looking for something new after i stopped playing minecraft

  4. i fucking LOVE minicraft man, played it for 3 hours when i first executed it haha

  5. So Notch isnt the main dev of minecraft anymore, not a big deal, so all the creativity we have to thank him for, but everything he implemented recently was either buggy or not complete, and his colleagues has to fix it.
    But all is irrelevant, the game is very addicting, incomplete features or not :P.

  6. Hopefully this can pull my friends away from Minecraft.

  7. ahahah nice! mini-minecraft online. it's on my favorite links now



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