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9 Crysis 2 is 2011's most pirated game

Crysis 2
Crysis 2 is the game that stands number one on the most pirated games list, that is according to info shown by Torrentfreak. As every year ends you get numerous lists of things. Most loved person, most hated person, person with the most tweets etcetera. So why not have a list with most downloaded games.

The game, Crysis 2, got downloadend 3.9 million times and beat every other popular pirated game. The other games you say? From places 2 to 5 we have Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, FIFA 12 and Portal 2.

Luckily not only PC gaming has its pirates, also the Wii and Xbox 360 have them. Super Mario Galaxy 2 has 1,3 million copies downloaded. On the Xbox 360 its Gears of War 3 who won the prize this year.

I'll give you some lists. Respectively title, how much downloaded copies, plus release date.

Most pirated games on PC:

1     Crysis 2     (3,920,000)     (Mar. 2011)
2     Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3     (3,650,000)     (Nov. 2011)
3     Battlefield 3     (3,510,000)     (Oct. 2011)
4     FIFA 12     (3,390,000)     (Sept. 2011)
5     Portal 2     (3,240,000)     (Apr. 2011)

Most pirated games on Wii:

1     Super Mario Galaxy 2     (1,280,000)     (May. 2010)
2     Mario Sports Mix     (1,090,000)     (Feb. 2011)
3     Xenoblade Chronicles     (950,000)     (Aug. 2011 EU)
4     Lego Pirates of the Caribbean     (870,000)     (May. 2011)
5     FIFA 12     (860,000)     (Sept. 2011)

Most pirated games on Xbox 360:

1     Gears of War 3     (890,000)     (Sep. 2011)
2     Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3     (830,000)     (Nov. 2011)
3     Battlefield 3     (760,000)     (Oct. 2011)
4     Forza Motorsport 4     (720,000)     (Oct. 2011)
5     Kinect Sports: Season Two     (690,000)     (Oct. 2011)

Ofcourse they got their information from public trackers, who knows how much private trackers there are and what the real stats are.

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  1. Ive heard that they lowered the graphics (compared to crysis 1) just to smooth things out for the consoles, i wouldnt be surprised if this was out of "revenge".

  2. Please, those numbers mean nothing, it's very likely not even half of them would have bought the games given the chance, so the companies aren't really losing anything.

  3. Surprised by Fifa 12 on the PC, football games have always been a clunky on the PC in my experience. Fuurther proof these pirates are just heartless monsters..

  4. Also as for the pirated games on the PC, i have no problem with those titles bringing in less money, BF fucked gamers up with "origin", COD mw3 is obvious, fifa the notorious cashcow football game.
    Portal kinda deserves the money for being original, but i guess its ok too since gaben should be motivated to work on HL3 again.

  5. Interesting list. I was surprised Crysis beat CoD but then I saw the release dates.

  6. Haven't played either one but I hear really good stuff and I just may have to try it.

  7. @Bonafide Jones
    Still goes to show the huge fanbase that CoD has developed, it could've overtaken Crysis 2 given the chance. :/

  8. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Portal!!!! Go get em!

  9. Crysis 2 being most pirated isn't even a surprise to me, its a pretty damn good game...



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