Monday, March 12, 2012

0 Utility Vehicle Simulator has almost arrived!

Forget Portal 2 or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. What do you mean Call of Duty? Battlefield 3 you say? I never knew there where 2 other versions.

The game that will blow away our minds has arrived. Well almost. This Friday you can finally spend your weekend with doing something good. Instead of playing those brain-dead shooters you can actually learn something from this game. The plus side of it is that you can already learn your future job.

Yes it's called Utility Vehicle Simulator. You know those games. Harvester Simulator, Police Simulator, Stone Quarry Simulator, Underground Mining Simulator, Construction Simulator, Airport Firefighter Simulator, Ski Region Simulator, Oil Platform- okay i give up. There isn't a week where no simulator game is being released and its getting ridiculous.

But if you do like driving packages to their destination, or suck the sewers clean, or want to know how it is to work for the local town setting up cones or cutting branches from trees, this is your chance. Get it the 23rd of March.

This is their site.  *shrug*

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