Thursday, August 2, 2012

0 Bethesda supposedly bought rights Stalker

According to a Ukraine blogger called Galyonkin, claims that Bethesda has bought the rights for the Stalker franchise. Bought from GSC Game World former CEO Sergey Grigorovich.

The rumors are coming from Sergey Galyonkin (almost identical names to me), a blogger who previously leaked that Ukraine developer GSC Game World was closing its doors. Rumors say there is already a game going on in Bethesda town.

What studio will get the job is something Galyonkin doesn't know. He does know that it isn't a studio from Ukraine, and that it won't use the commonly known X-Ray engine used for all of the Stalker games, but a new one. It will be released on pc and console. Bethesda isn't commenting on the question.

Rumors of Bethesda's interest in Stalker we're already spreading in Russian media. But at the time there wasn't any talk about them using their own engine. Accordingly to Galyonkin, Grigorovich only sold the rights to the game itself. Still having the rights to the merchandise, books and films.

My opinion? Bethesda did it earlier with Fallout. And to be honest, although i'm a fan and i like a challenge, Stalker wasn't always good. And most of the time i wasn't good either. So somewhere in between would be a dream. A Stalker feeling with a more casual feel.

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