Saturday, January 7, 2012

3 Tribes Ascend trailer

I. LOVE. Tribes. Seriously. If i have to name one game, and only one that is my all time favorite it would be Tribes. Not only was it awesome and pretty revolutionary at the time it also replaced my childhood. No other game would be that awesome.

It had vehicles, you needed teamwork to succeed and you had jetpacks. But maybe the best of all.. you could go ski! No not in the snow, but when holding space you could glide down a hill and get to speed. When having enough speed you could glide back up a hill, activate the jetpack and do all sorts of weird movements across the terrain to avoid enemy's or turrets.

Never ever have i been so satisfied to see a tribes trailer. Sure we had Tribes Vengeance but that wasn't made by the official devs. According to some info i already forgot, there are some old Dynamix devs in the Hi-rez Studios. That plus the this week published trailer will keep my smiling and awake all night.

3 reacties:

  1. Never even heard of this game before but it's looks really cool actually, when is it released?

  2. looks really cool! I like fast-paced action like this

  3. What platforms is it on? Looks interesting.



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