Saturday, January 7, 2012

1 Post apocalyptic FPS Ravaged revealed

Ravaged vehicles
Very unknown, or more like not-known, developer 2 Dawn Games is working on Ravaged. A first person shooter online multiplayer game (ahh, those terms will never get boring) heavily influenced by Borderlands and Rage.

Ravaged is the first game developed by 2 Dawn Games and like said its influenced by Rage and Borderlands. The last one is only single-player and the first has co-op. Still not enough they said, give us games like this in multiplayer. So they did. Create a apocalypse game in a desert, have vehicles, with team objectives and a skill system.

Still think its a rip-off? The desert the game takes place in is called... 'The Wasteland'. In the Wasteland you can choose between two sides, either the Scavengers or the Resistance. Although the difference between the two groups is unclear i have some ideas.

The developers hope they can bring it for sale on Steam by spring this year. Before that even will happen the dev's hope to also have a beta-test.

I have absolutely no idea if they can bring it on against the force of already established company's, and frankly the idea isn't very original. But lets hope they can set it off. To give it a positive note, individual members of the team have experience with games like Battlefield, DesertCombat and Frontlines.

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  1. The idea is there (we are all familiar with the idea!) but I'm afraid large amounts of driving without an analouge stick is not for me.



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