Saturday, January 14, 2012

4 GSC continues on Stalker 2 development

So i did mentioned lately that GSC was bankrupt and closed down. Right after that a message appeared saying that Stalker 2 still had a very big chance to be still released.

The Ukraine based developer has now announced that the development of Stalker 2 will be continued after the holidays. In Ukrain Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January, so most of the company's will hold everything on hold on those 2 weeks, meaning the GSC developers can resume their work after that.

The future of Stalker 2 became unclear when last december they announced that the owner, Sergei Grigorovich, had closed down the studio. Even though the exact reason was not given, people speculated that Grigorovich wasn't satisfied with the progress of Stalker 2. Another explanation was that the developer couldn't find a partner to distribute the console versions. Last one was that the pc version on itself wouldn't revenue enough money. Anyhow GSC Gameworld didn't confirmed anyone of those.

It's still unclear what exactly happened and what caused the reason. Eurogamer mentions that the Ukrainian government took over the company. Of that really did happen we don't know, same goes for other investments.

In the end Stalker 2 hasn't found a publisher yet and there is still no release date, so we'll have to wait. All i know is that i surely hope everything will continue and they bring us yet another stalker game. I love the world they created and i'm sure to play the next edition.

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  1. Stalker is still on my list of "to play" thanks for reminding me, gonna get it soon.

  2. Call of pripyat definately one of the best ones

  3. i've to get that game man.

  4. sound awesome! gonna follow!



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