Thursday, January 5, 2012

4 Microsoft Flight will be free to play

This spring Microsoft introduces Microsoft Flight, a sequel tot he famous Flight Simulator-games. The new version will be freely playable. Microsoft promises free updates for whoever plays via Games for Windows Live.

Although details are still almost unknown, Microsoft announces that this spring Microsoft Flight will appear and that its free to play. Players will be able to fly above and around the Big Island of Hawaii.

Next to the free to play part of the game, players can pay for new aircraft's, area's and free extra options. People who play the game via Games for Live will get some of the free extra's, like a Boeing Stearman, extra missions and access to achievements which can be accessible via a Online Pilot Profile.

Kinda knows where this form of publishing comes from? That's right, Age of Empires Online. Microsoft chooses to play exactly the same concept like it did with that game. AoEO is a free to play RTS that appeared in 2010 as a sequel from the famous PC-games.

But wait, not everything is all sun and long white beaches with blue water. The old flight simulators were known for not being easy. But the publisher announced that for flying the planes only a joystick, x-box controller or mouse is needed. Which raises the question if there is still room for the hardcore players. Microsoft promises that the game is a challenge for beginners as it is for experience pilots.

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  1. Cool, I used to play a lot of Mig-29 when I was a kid, come to think of it, thanx for reminding me, I'll probably review it in due time!

  2. Played a lot of these kind of games when I was younger(a bit too young) and naturally I was horrible at it, still thought it was fun though. Will maybe check this out and get in to it again.

  3. X Wing vs Tie Fighter was my passion for an entire summer, great blog man... +1 following daily :D



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